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Powerlifting Group Training Program.


Beginner Intermediate Advanced

• Recommended 1.5x bodyweight squat, 1x bodyweight bench & 1.5-2x bodyweight deadlift.

• Must have access to a barbell, weights, bench, pull-up bar and rack at minimum.

SBD is a Powerlifting competition preparatory program designed by Brendan Tietz. Aimed at athletes looking to maximize their performance in a meet or testing new 1RMs in the gym. It is an ongoing program that never ends. Every new season of group coaching will bring you a new version of the program that is built on top of the last. You will NEVER do the same program or workout twice. This program uses the latest scientific principles of Powerlifting & Biomechanics combined with coach Brendan's years of experience. Along with ongoing monthly programs you will gain access to our extensive private video database. The Prime coaching videos will help you excel beyond just out programming. You will also connect with coach Brendan in our weekly Q&As as well as in the Prime forum private to members only.

$45 per Month - Standard $60 per Month - Elite

Elite includes access to ASK questions for the weekly Q&A.

What's Included

Customizable science based powerlifting prep program

Squat, Bench, Deadlift. Powerlifting competition preparatory program aimed at athletes looking to maximize their performance in a meet or testing new 1RMs in the gym.

Weekly Q&A with coach Brendan

Every Sunday coach Brendan will film Q&As for you to watch! All videos will be posted on the website. Want more? If you upgrade to an Elite Program member, you will get access to our weekly Q&A questions. You can ask Brendan ANY question as well as send in 1 training video per week for form critique! Just click Ask Brendan in the menu bar, and fill out the contact form.

Extensive video database for advanced technique and tips

Every single week I will be adding advanced content and videos to the website's exclusive video exercise library. Sort through our main menu categories: Advanced Technique Videos, Exercise Tutorials, Strength Videos, Hypertrophy Videos, and Nutrition Videos, and then narrow it down by muscle group.

Access to private Prime community forum

Share your PR videos, form critiques videos, and ask questions in our brand new Prime community forum, right on the website. Get to know your group coaching teammates. Follow each other and share what you've been working on!

4 days per week, volume adjusted to user

Volume customized to you.

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

  • How long is the training cycle?

    All group coaching programs are 16 weeks long, spread out into 4 training blocks. Each training block is 4 weeks long.

  • What kind of programming does SBD use?

    We use many forms of periodization and programming however put generally it is a submax style DUP high-frequency model with phasic periodization. This means you will be training the main lifts frequently, 2-4x per week. You will go through phases where you're focussed on certain adaptations like hypertrophy, work capacity, or strength. You will also use what is called Daily Undulating Periodization which means in the microcycle (training week) you train multiple adaptations like hypertrophy, strength, and power. Amplify also uses RPE-based training as well as other programming modalities of autoregulation, wave loading, deloading, and more.

  • How many times per week do I squat, bench and deadlift?

    It changes through the cycle but generally on SBD you will be squatting 3x per week, benching 3-4x per week and deadlifting 2x per week.

  • Does this program peak you out to new 1 rep maxes?

    Yes all the Prime group coaching programs peak you out to a 1rm test even including the Fusion program.

  • What if I have a meet that I want to use the program into but it is before the end date of the program?

    As long as the meet is before and not after your program ends you can use the peaking add on to peak out exactly when your meet is! I recommend at minimum running 10 weeks of programming into any meet.

  • Can I do the program if my goal is just to get stronger but not compete in powerlifting?

    Yes! As long as your main goal is strength, both Power programs will work very well for you.

  • Who do you recommend the Power SBD program to?

    Anyone who wants to maximize the big 3 (squat, bench, and deadlift) strength. Whether you are signed up for a meet or just want to test maxes in the gym the SBD program is for you. Now if you feel your lacking muscle mass which in turn holds back your strength, the Fusion program is more suited to you. Even our fusion program peaks you out however it is split between 50/50 strength and hypertrophy. Will you gain muscle on SBD? Yes, but you will gain more on Fusion. Likewise, Fusion will help you gain strength but less than SBD.

  • What are the average rate of results on the SBD program?

    Over the course of the current seasons, athletes have averaged an increase on their squat total of 22.5kg, bench of 15kg, and deadlift 25kg all done in 16 weeks. That is the average of all athletes who have checked in before and after. Keep in mind usually what I find to happen on programs is two lifts will skyrocket in strength and one tends to gain at a slower rate. This is very common in powerlifting.

  • Can I upgrade to the elite plan at any time?

    Yes as long as there is space available. When spots have filled the option for an upgrade will be removed. You can also downgrade at any time.

  • What if I am injury prone? Is this program safe?

    I program very carefully due to years of dealing with injuries myself. None of these programs should lead to injury as long as you start them in a healthy state. If you are currently injured but it is minimal and pain is low then you most likely can work through it on the program. Use the forum to ask questions about injuries as the best way of dealing with them is always working through it.

  • Is there a lot of accessory work or is it more minimal purely focussed on powerlifting?

    IMO a good powerlifting program has a TON of accessory work. Sure maybe not as much as the fusion program but you will build a lot of muscle and train accessories under all of my programs. Most days have a minimum of 4 accessory exercises and some days have as many as 8.

  • How is the program customizable?

    Every program has customizable exercise selections with a drop-down menu on the excel spreadsheet. You choose from various exercises coach Brendan recommends. Below the program is a table that explains what every exercise targets. Brendan will also film program breakdown videos for EVERY training block of every program. In these videos, he covers the exercise selection to give you more tips. Don't want to choose yourself? That's ok just use the first option as Brendan sets that as the most universal option to work for anyone. The program's volume is also dictated by the questionnaire you will answer before starting. You will receive either a high stress or a low stress program.

  • Any other questions? Still need help?

    If you have any other questions email me at, we can also send you a 1-week sample.

    For all customer service inquiries, please email us at

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