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Group Training Program.

Squat King.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced

• Recommended 2x bodyweight squat with good proficiency in the squat movement pattern. NOT FOR BEGINNERS or athletes who are not technically sound in the squat movement.

• This is an add-on program that can be attached to any of our group programs at Prime.

Squat King is the same squat specialization program coach Brendan has used on and off for the last 5 years to bring his squat to over 3x bodyweight strength! After refining the program through years of experience and testing it on athletes we have created a template that will allow athletes to explode their squat 1 rep max to new levels! Squat King is a squat every day program designed to be added onto our other programs at Prime.

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What's Included

Customizable science based program

Squat specialization program aimed at improving your squat 1rm while also focussing on other goals using our other Prime group training programs!

Weekly Q&A with coach Brendan

Every Sunday coach Brendan will film Q&As for you to watch! All videos will be posted on the website. Want more? If you upgrade to an Elite Program member, you will get access to our weekly Q&A questions. You can ask Brendan ANY question as well as send in 1 training video per week for form critique! Just click Ask Brendan in the menu bar, and fill out the contact form.

Extensive video database for advanced technique and tips

Every single week I will be adding advanced content and videos to the website's exclusive video exercise library. Sort through our main menu categories: Advanced Technique Videos, Exercise Tutorials, Strength Videos, Hypertrophy Videos, and Nutrition Videos, and then narrow it down by muscle group.

Access to private Prime community forum

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5 days per week, volume adjusted to user

Volume customized to you.

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