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Prime has served well over 400 athletes and clients helping them all achieve their goals. Here are some of our current athletes.

Leon Oyaro, 105kg weight class, Powerlifter/Physqiue Competitor, Prime Elite 1 on 1 Package

Results: Increased powerlifting total from 707.5kg/1559lb to 780kg/1719lb total in the USAPL powerlifting federation. This was achieved in 1 year of training under Prime while adding 10lbs of muscle mass to his frame

Leon came to Prime after his first powerlifting competition wanting to increase his total and put on more muscle mass. We added over 72.5kg/160lb to Leon's meet registered total in just over a year. As of recently he has also in the gym performed a 650lb squat, 363lb bench and a 750lb deadlift. He also has added over 10lbs of lean mass while staying in his weight class of 105kg.

Brittney Barksdale, 72kg weight class, Powerlifter/Body Composition Goals, Group Coaching

Results: Top 10 raw nationals placing in the 72kg weight class open category. Brittney came to Prime wanting to cut down from the 84kg weight class to the 72kg weight class. With such a large cut we were able to not only increase her powerlifting total but place top 10 in the nation in 2019 USAPL raw nationals 72kg class.

Brittney is a hybrid athlete who likes being lean, jacked and strong. In 2019 Prime helped her achieve a top 10 finish in the USAPL open raw nationals 72kg female weight class. We cut her down from 84kg losing over 12kg/26lbs while gaining strength. Now Brittney focusses on powerbuilding combining multiple styles of training using the group coaching approach.

Callan Gibbons, 93kg/90kg weight class, powerlifter, Prime Elite 1 on 1 Package

Results: Rehabbed long term knee injuries and increased powerlifting total from 662.5kg/1460lb to 725kg/1598lb in the APU & AusPL powerlifting federations.

Callan is a crossover powerlifting athlete competing both in the APU/IPF affiliate and the AusPL federations. We have made him technically proficient on all various types of bars used in both competitions. Above all else we have gotten and kept Callan healthy after he came to us with long term knee issues preventing him from squatting. With that we have achieved over a 62.5kg/138lb total increase in competition.

Aubrey Hogan, 75kg weight class, powerlifter, Prime Light 1 on 1 Package

Results: Increased powerlifting total of 680kg/1499lb to 727.5kg/1603lb in the USPA powerlifting federation.

Aubrey is a powerlifting client on the Prime Light package. We have helped him increase his powerlifting total from 680kg/1499lb to 727.5kg/1603lb in 1.5 years while perfecting his technique. Aubrey lacked technical prowess that was leading to injuries before starting with Prime. Soon Aubrey will be having his debut in the USAPL powerlifting federation with the goal of winning nationals.

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